Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week 6 (Oct. 18th-24th)

Code of Conduct
Aired Oct. 20th

It was Halloween night and the team investigates what appears to be a suicide but it is discovered by the body’s frozen organs that it wasn’t a suicide. Lance Corporal James Korby consumed liquid nitrogen and autopsy also found he was poisoned and beaten by his unit while on mission. His unit was trying to teach him lessons for his pranks not kill him. Tony felt that Korby’s wife Sara, a third-time widower was guilty. Sara was a cheater but Gibbs knew she wasn’t a murder; Instead Sara and Korby’s stepdaughter killed Korby to inherit a trust fund and inheritance.

FOX's Bones
No new episode was aired.

NBC's Law & Order
Aired Oct. 23rd

Dr. Walter Benning is shot in the head while attending church. Benning was a late term abortionist doctor with comes with many enemies. Many pro-life advocates threatened Dr. Benning and Wayne Grogan being one of these advocates. Grogan admits to killing Benning and justifies his actions by explaining he did it because Benning kills babies. Despite tearful and distracting testimonies, on whether getting or not getting an abortion is right, the jury found Grogan guilty of murder.


Both episodes we're extremely entertaining and I hate to have to pick the best of the two. However; I feel the best episode this week was Law & Order. This episode really brought to reality how the difference of opinions can really determine how you act and feel towards others.
The plot entailed twist: Rubirosa went against orders and told the other team why a nurse quit working at Benning's clinic. Unexpected events happened to characters: Rubirosa at the conclusion of the episode might end up quiting. A sense of suspense: Why exactly did the nurse quit? Horrible to find out Benning was really a murder when he killed a live baby he accidentally delivered.

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