Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week 5 (Oct. 11th-17th)


Good Cop, Bad Cop

Aired Oct. 13th

The body of a marine, Daniel Cryer, was found by a fisherman. Cryer was working with Ziva and Mossad to get Saleem Ulman. Ziva said that the ship had sunk in a storm but the location of Cryer’s body falsified her story. Cryer was killed by gunshot and after locating the sunken ship the team discovered the whole crew was shot to death. Ben-Gidon, Ziva’s former team leader showed up and demanded Ziva’s return to Mossad and in exchange he would tell director Vance what happened on the ship. Ben-Gidon said that Ziva killed Cryer because he gave up their cover, however; NCIS team proves that Ben-Gidon was the real shooter. Also, throughout the episode Ziva attempts to get a permanent position on the team and at the conclusion of the show is accepted as a NCIS agent.

FOX's Bones

A Night at the Bones Museum

Aired Oct. 15th

A security guard finds an Egyptian mummy on an electrical fence while checking the perimeter of a power plant. B&B find blood splatter on the mummy whom is later determined to be Prince Anok. The curator of the Smithsonian was found murdered inside of Anok's coffin. After seeing a cat scan of Anok's chest, Dr. Turnbull fights the curator for the ruby in his chest and kills her because she won't allow him to take it.

Also in this episode: Bones goes on a date with Booth's boss's boss and Booth's jealousy starts to prevail. Sweets stays close to Daisy incase she gets out of hand which cause them to fight and ultimately make up.

NBC's Law & Order

Reality Bites

Aired Oct. 16th

After picking up his 10 physically disabled children from school, Larry Johnson finds his wife’s dead body on the floor in their house. Larry and his wife Joy were deciding on whether or not they wanted to do a reality show. Larry in debt wanted to do the show but Joy did not and neither did a rivalry family who also wanted to do the show. Larry, the cheating husband, decided to do the show after his wife passed making him look rather suspicious. Larry was charged with murdering his but the jury declared a mistrial.


All of the episodes this week were quite entertaining but the most entertaining for me was NCIS because:

· The plot entailed twist: One of the team members, Ziva, looked rather guilty for most of the episode mostly because of her lie about why the boat sank.

· Unexpected events happened to characters: While nothing physically happened it seemed as if Ziva might not get a permanent position on the team meaning no longer on the show.

· A sense of suspense: This lasted throughout the show with the question being did Ziva kill a marine.

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