Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 1

FOX's Bones: Season Premiere "Harbingers in The Fountain"


After 6 weeks of healing from brain surgery Booth finally sees Brennan, after her return from a dig in Guatemala. The first case this duo is to solve is revealed by Angela's psychic, Avalon Harmonia. Avalon leads B&B to a site of multiple bodies beneath a fountain in DC. One of the bodies recovered is discovered to be Avalon's sister's. Brennan and a slightly altered Booth prove Avalon's innocence. Meanwhile, the true culprit attacks Brennan when Booth sweeps in to save her.

I felt that this episode began without really explain what happened to Booth in recovery. I feel the episode would have been better if they showed at least part of his recovery so that we as viewers could comprehend his level of Amnesia better. I also did not like that this episode incorporated a psychic. Bones is usually founded on science not the supernatural. Don't get me wrong I did like this episode it just was not the best. I recently viewed ratings that showed this episode was in top 20 on the premieres list. Of course, many will probably disagree with my assertion that this episode was not as good as the previous season's episodes as proven by the ratings.


This is usually the section I tell which episode was my favorite amongst NCIS, Bones, and Law & Order. However, the previews of NCIS and Law & Order have not aired yet. In this comparison section I would usually state what episode I felt was the best based on 4 factors: plot entailing twists and turns, unexpected events happening to characters, looking for a sense of suspense, and the return of a familiar character. For example, if I were to pick this episode as the best I would argue that it was the best for reasons such as:
1. Plot entailing twists-like when Avalon's sister was discovered as one of the victims.
2. Unexpected events happening to characters- When Brennan was attacked by the doctor.
3. A sense of suspense- When Booth says "I love you" to Brennan before he retaliates.
4. Return of a familiar character- This episode didn't show the return of a familiar character.

Stats mentioned above can be found at the ObsessedwithBones website.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last Season's Finales

Recap: “Aliyah”, NCIS’s season 6’s finale opens with Ziva driving to her apartment. She then finds Rivkin and Tony Fighting and Tony has killed Rivkin (a member of the Mossad).The team must now go to Israel. After Director Vance and Director David (of Israel) settle the dilemma the team gets ready for their return home; however, Ziva will not be returning with them. Ziva’s father, director David, feels that she is no longer loyal to him and her country. To prove to him she is loyal she must finish Rivkin’s mission. At the ending of the show we see a bruised and beaten Ziva in a chair being tortured and questioned about NCIS.

What a cliff hanger leaving Ziva all tore up who knows what will come out of next season. Will Ziva come back? I personally hope so because she adds a lot to the show. I’m not sure that this episode was very crime related Tony did kill someone but there really wasn’t much focus on the crime itself. Not saying it wasn’t entertaining because it definitely was.

FOX’s Bones:
Recap: Season’s finale “The end in the beginning” takes place while Booth is in surgery to remove his brain tumor and after the surgery while he is in Acoma for 4 days he dreams that he and Brennan are married club owners. In this dream a man is shot in the restroom of their club and anyone could be the victim. At the end of the episode Booth awakens and appears to be confused and asks Brennan “who are you”. I agree with Searching Bones blog when they state “given that it was an alternate reality episode, I think Hart did a great job of writing it” because my experience watching it confirms it. I thought that the episode was a very good episode leaving good possibilities for the next season. There wasn’t anything I would add or take away from this episode it was all around a good episode.

NBC’s Law and Order:
Recap: Law and Order season 19 concluded with “The drowned and the saved”. Charles Whitley director of Boland Initiative, a large charity, was stabbed with a knife in the back. After a somewhat confusing investigation Rita, the governor’s wife, was found to be the one behind Whitley’s murder. Cutter leads the governor to believe he has proof of his “dark world” and convinces the governor into resigning.

Okay, so who really liked the governor? If I could have changed anything about the episode it probably would have been more than a resignation. This episode was hard to follow but I liked how it was all tied to the governor’s wife.

The best crime drama this week would definitely have to go to Law and Order because the other episodes focused on having a good finale instead of solving a crime. What made Law and Order’s crime solving better was it solved a murder and put the guilty person away so did Bones but it was in alternate reality. Although Law and Order in my opinion was the crime drama based on crime being solved the show itself wasn’t the most entertaining. The most entertaining episode I believe was NCIS because it left a character in danger and the viewers such as me want to know what comes next.


On the weeks when events interrupt regular program times or any other reasons for shows not airing, I won't be able to blog about those episodes. However, I will still update you on which ever show or shows did air. I just wanted to go ahead and apologize now for those weeks when I can't compare crime shows for you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crime Drama

Hi. My name is Vernita, I’m 19 and I attend the University of South Florida as a junior. I’m married to an amazing man and I currently do not work. The reason I tell you this is because I have enough time between being a wife and studying to catch a couple commercials, I meant programs. I swear.

Anyways, the question that’s on everyone’s mind is, “who does crime dramas better: CBS, NBS, or FOX?” I mean that is what’s on everyone’s mind right. Okay, perhaps not everyone’s but it is on mine. If for any reason you find this uninteresting leave now before you get seriously bored or stay and hang out because I’m awesome and I want to know what you think about these shows too.

A common trend or domination if you will of T.V. shows today are crime drama. A crime drama is a show that primarily focuses on or heroes those whose occupation it is to investigate, punish, or commit crimes especially those such as homicide, robbery and assault (as defined by TV IV). Now to return to whom does crime drama better; I will be evaluating CBS’s NCIS, FOX’s Bones, and NBC’s Law and Order. Evaluating each episode based on which episode had the best crime drama meaning the best crime and how it was resolved. Also, taking a look at which episode had the best plot. A good plot to me is one that entails twist and turns, unexpected events that happen to characters, looking for a sense or suspense and perhaps the return of a familiar character. Each week I will be doing such evaluations on each of the shows and I will also be doing a summary of each episode so come by if you missed something.