Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crime Drama

Hi. My name is Vernita, I’m 19 and I attend the University of South Florida as a junior. I’m married to an amazing man and I currently do not work. The reason I tell you this is because I have enough time between being a wife and studying to catch a couple commercials, I meant programs. I swear.

Anyways, the question that’s on everyone’s mind is, “who does crime dramas better: CBS, NBS, or FOX?” I mean that is what’s on everyone’s mind right. Okay, perhaps not everyone’s but it is on mine. If for any reason you find this uninteresting leave now before you get seriously bored or stay and hang out because I’m awesome and I want to know what you think about these shows too.

A common trend or domination if you will of T.V. shows today are crime drama. A crime drama is a show that primarily focuses on or heroes those whose occupation it is to investigate, punish, or commit crimes especially those such as homicide, robbery and assault (as defined by TV IV). Now to return to whom does crime drama better; I will be evaluating CBS’s NCIS, FOX’s Bones, and NBC’s Law and Order. Evaluating each episode based on which episode had the best crime drama meaning the best crime and how it was resolved. Also, taking a look at which episode had the best plot. A good plot to me is one that entails twist and turns, unexpected events that happen to characters, looking for a sense or suspense and perhaps the return of a familiar character. Each week I will be doing such evaluations on each of the shows and I will also be doing a summary of each episode so come by if you missed something.


  1. This seems to be a really interesting concept for a blog! I personally love crime shows and my favorite is Law and Order SVU. Will you be evaluating all the Law and Order shows or just the original? The only downside to watching so many crime shows is that people like us can often guess the "killer" or outcome before they show it! But I guess thats half of the fun:)

  2. I like to watch crime shows on T.V. Finding out clues along with the characters keeps me watching. I will continue to monitor your blog.

  3. Crime Drama is a favorite of mine! I more of a fan to the CSI: Vegas or Miami, but Law and Order is on the come up. Very interesting topic!