Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 1

FOX's Bones: Season Premiere "Harbingers in The Fountain"


After 6 weeks of healing from brain surgery Booth finally sees Brennan, after her return from a dig in Guatemala. The first case this duo is to solve is revealed by Angela's psychic, Avalon Harmonia. Avalon leads B&B to a site of multiple bodies beneath a fountain in DC. One of the bodies recovered is discovered to be Avalon's sister's. Brennan and a slightly altered Booth prove Avalon's innocence. Meanwhile, the true culprit attacks Brennan when Booth sweeps in to save her.

I felt that this episode began without really explain what happened to Booth in recovery. I feel the episode would have been better if they showed at least part of his recovery so that we as viewers could comprehend his level of Amnesia better. I also did not like that this episode incorporated a psychic. Bones is usually founded on science not the supernatural. Don't get me wrong I did like this episode it just was not the best. I recently viewed ratings that showed this episode was in top 20 on the premieres list. Of course, many will probably disagree with my assertion that this episode was not as good as the previous season's episodes as proven by the ratings.


This is usually the section I tell which episode was my favorite amongst NCIS, Bones, and Law & Order. However, the previews of NCIS and Law & Order have not aired yet. In this comparison section I would usually state what episode I felt was the best based on 4 factors: plot entailing twists and turns, unexpected events happening to characters, looking for a sense of suspense, and the return of a familiar character. For example, if I were to pick this episode as the best I would argue that it was the best for reasons such as:
1. Plot entailing twists-like when Avalon's sister was discovered as one of the victims.
2. Unexpected events happening to characters- When Brennan was attacked by the doctor.
3. A sense of suspense- When Booth says "I love you" to Brennan before he retaliates.
4. Return of a familiar character- This episode didn't show the return of a familiar character.

Stats mentioned above can be found at the ObsessedwithBones website.

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